Creating Linkable Content

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As we have now entered into a new year, it is important to reflect on our content and link-building processes. The Creative Team at Consultwebs just wrapped up a busy year full of projects of all shapes and sizes. Taking an opportunity to reflect has allowed us to dig deeper into our practices over the course of the past year and begin to refine our process.

As we know, the SEO industry is fast-paced and forever changing, so it is part of our due diligence to seek out how we can continue to produce top results. There are many ways to evaluate one’s success. We chose to look at what made each particular project something that was worth sharing in order to learn how to create even more content that people were eager to share and link to.

Before the recent Google updates, the goal of building links consisted of obtaining as many links as possible to your target URL. These could range from discussion boards, low-quality sites, and even comments on a webpage. However, getting links has now become a little more difficult as to what Google finds more trustworthy, which is why quality content plays a major role in the process.

Link-Building and Sharing

Although many campaigns have been labeled as successful due to their number of backlinks, it is important to have content published on a reputable site versus having the content published on a low-quality site. If a trustworthy site contains a backlink to your content, your content is then considered more trustworthy than if it were published on something such as an online forum where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas.

Although the number of backlinks was something of great importance, it’s now time to think of link-building as quality over quantity. This is where content comes to life as we venture into the future of link-building. If you’ve written quality content that readers will find engaging, you will likely notice that it’s easier, and more often shared and linked to.

Speak To Your Audience

It is wise to consider your audience when producing and publishing content. If you are blasting out your content to overgeneralized groups of people, you may be missing the mark. Try to focus your content in front of people who are specifically interested in your niche. For example, content on car accidents mentioned on a site that has no focus on car accidents becomes a meaningless piece of information.

Research your target your audience to make sure you aren’t wasting your efforts where they don’t matter. You want to produce content that people are searching for, will be shared and ensure that your content appears in the proper places.

Shareable Creative Assets

We’re online more times than we like to admit, so thinking about what would make content more likeable can begin with ourselves. Through this process, we try to justify the reasons why someone would want read or take interest in the information. Was it because a reputable source shared the information? Was it the delivery? Could it have been that the content was compelling and interactive?

Understanding why someone would find content interesting and seeking ways in which they would be willing to share it is key, which is why our Creative Team has implemented various approaches to the process. We begin by hosting an original brain-writing session among team members to develop insightful assets with fresh ideas. We strive to develop original assets with statistics and data to support the content within each project. Out of this process should come compelling assets that make the content more shareworthy.

For example:

Through the development of compelling assets that support your content your link-building process can begin. Creative assets look to push the envelope of original visuals and content, and you should feel confident that there will be an impact with building links. Taking action to inform other site owners about the content through appropriate channels will be your bread and butter.

Looking Ahead

As we set our eyes on the fresh year ahead of us, it would be appropriate to maintain our approach with quality content as we strive to continue to drive organic traffic. With the high use of mobile users, 2018 could prove to be a great opportunity to develop more mobile-friendly assets that users can utilize on the go.

Although link-building will require us to implement strategies and tactics as SEO trends continue to evolve, building online relationships with others will continue to carry great power. Having a network of online support with other influencers separates quality link-building from spamming other site owners. Helping others will also allow you to be a beneficial component of the relationship as well.

There are many strategies for making our clients more visible in Google searches. As experts in this industry, we will witness our guidelines evolve with everchanging SEO. Acknowledging these trends and evolving with them is what will continuously set us apart from our competition.