Consultwebs Case Study – “Business as Usual”

consultwebs case study business as usual

Lawyers who market their practice online know that digital advertising is sink or swim. In an atmosphere of ruthless competition for clicks and calls, and expensive search engine keywords, lawyers realize they have to invest in digital advertising. But knowing what qualifies as a good investment and reliably tracking ROI are constant challenges.

The most dependable digital advertising strategy relies on a mixture of long-term, organic ranking results from SEO, near-term, paid-for results from PPC, and an established partnership with a legal marketing company that can help you achieve your business goals, like Consultwebs.

In this case study we’ll outline some of the intricacies of our digital marketing strategy, and illustrate what goes into, and what results can come out of, a successful online advertising campaign for a law firm operating in a competitive, large-market city in the U.S.

First off, to solely focus on the strategies and tactics of the advertising campaign, we have chosen to leave our client’s name and location out of this study. These results highlight the legal marketing and digital advertising expertise Consultwebs brings to each and every client in our network. This isn’t just a random success story. It’s business as usual.

Secondly, each of our PPC advertising accounts is overseen by an advertising advisor, with a Google-certified digital campaign strategist creating the campaigns from the ground up with the guidance and input of the advisor and client.

On this particular campaign, Advertising Advisor Matt Smyers and Campaign Strategist Anna Blanken worked together to achieve the desired results. They share their findings below. Let’s take a look at the raw data of the campaign.

Campaign Type: Google PPC Search
Total Ad Spend: $92,000
Geo: Large, highly-competitive market for MVA in PPC
Campaign Length: 4 months
Signed Cases: 57
Cost Per Case: $1,614

“These results are insane for a variety of reasons,” explains Anna. “This geographic area is home to the most expensive keywords for PI search engine results. One click for the term “truck accident lawyer” in this area costs upwards of $440. For one click!”

“Our estimated cost per case going in was $2,000. We crushed those numbers from the very start.”

“The speed at which we got this campaign running and bringing in cases was amazing. Cases started coming in within the first week.”

Matt also was happy with the timeline. “The campaign was set up fast thanks to our past experience within the practice area and knowing what might work right out of the gate,” says Matt.

“The best thing about these results,” he continued, “is that this was just business as usual.”

“Mobile-heavy traffic was generated during business hours, advertising concepts were tested and rotated, bids and budgets were monitored and managed, and because the leads were connected to actual signed cases within the firm, the ROI is dependable and delivered more value to the client.”

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