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17 Jul 2017

The Importance of Mobile Optimization on Social Media

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It wasn’t long ago that phones were used just to speak with friends and family. Nowadays, that rectangle in your pocket is a gateway to calls, texts, games, calendars, apps, and, of course, social media. Last year, Facebook surpassed 1.03…

03 Apr 2017

What Is the True Value of Social Media ROI?

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What is the real difference between a dormant Facebook page and one that is thriving? And don’t just ask the question about what the pages look like on the surface, but in regard to the return on your investment. In short, does…

09 Dec 2016

Do Facebook Social Signals Affect Paid Results?

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Facebook ad efficacy is at an all-time high for law firms. Lawyers across the nation are spending thousands of dollars on social media for stellar results, engagement, leads, and ultimately, cases. With so much at stake, it is important to…

28 Sep 2016

What are ‘Dark Posts’ and How to Optimize Them

“What is a dark post?” We hear this question quite often. Understanding what a dark post is, how it works and why to use it are all key components in constructing an optimal social media strategy. In short a dark post…