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Explore how AI is revolutionizing the legal industry and why it's time for law firms to embrace this game-changing technology. In the legal industry, the adoption of AI technology has been slow, but its impact is already being felt as it transforms the way law firms operate. From streamlining mun[...]

If you’re looking to become an AI prompt expert on platforms like ChatGPT, then you’ve come to the right place. Read ahead and find out how to get the most from your prompts. If you’ve been on the internet at all recently, you know about ChatGPT.  ChatGPT, or Generative Pre-trained Tran[...]

One of the newest chatbots, ChatGPT, is disrupting every industry - including law. Discover all your firm needs to know about this here.  ChatGPT became available to the public in November 2022 and since then has broken records and crossed the 1 million users mark within one week of launching. I[...]

Find out how AI is reshaping law and the best legal AI tools to help you get started. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting almost every industry, including law. This is a broad term, but it's the science of self-learning software. It takes over tasks traditionally done by humans. For exampl[...]

As firms are entrusted with lots of sensitive (and legal) information, cybersecurity is a must. Learn about the different types of cyberattacks and download a FREE cybersecurity protocol. The truth is cyberattacks can happen to any business and can be costly for those who aren't prepared. Researc[...]

Do any of your clients use iPhones (or any other Apple product)? The answer is most likely yes. Due to the large number of iPhone users today, you should be aware of the new iOS 14 update and how it affects your firm's marketing (because it does!) To give you a quick recap: the iOS14 update is cu[...]