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04 May 2017

6 Signs Your Firm May Need A New Website Design

website re design

Is the design of your website still effective? Chances are, if your site is more than three or four years old, the design could be starting to look outdated, or there may be old technologies in place that could be affecting…

16 Mar 2017

Aristotle’s Advice for Legal Marketing Strategy


Marketing and the practice of law, though very different, share a common goal of persuasion. As a law student, you may have become familiar with Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. Your understanding of these theories can give you…

03 Mar 2017

5 Key Factors of Trustworthiness in Web Design

web design

Your law firm’s website must make a good first impression and appear credible for your visitors to trust your brand and the information that you are providing. After all, visitors can be skeptical about products and services offered online. Arming yourself with…

27 Feb 2017

Is Your Law Firm’s Homepage Design Lacking Important Elements?

The homepage of your firm’s website is one of the most important pages on your site, because it is where the majority of your visitors convert into potential clients. Deciding what elements to include, and how to design the page is…