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17 May 2017

Why Consolidating Content Might Be Right For Your Firm’s Website

As the world continues to become more technologically savvy and aware, control shifts from the marketer to the consumer. In the past, when working on a new page for a site, marketers would find the keywords that they wanted to…

11 May 2017

Tips for Personalizing Content on Your Law Firm Website

Group of people

Did you know that 75 percent of Netflix users pick a movie based on the service’s recommendations for them? Similarly, Amazon reports that 35 percent of sales stem from its recommendations for shoppers. These behemoth service providers stand out as…

04 Apr 2017

How often does Google want your firm to blog?

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It’s a common question.  How often should your firm be blogging to get value for search visibility? There are differing opinions.  Some may tell you that the more you blog, the better.  Others may have a number of posts per…

22 Mar 2017

3 Key Points in the Shift to Quality Content in Online Marketing

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Quality content in online marketing has taken precedence over spammy links and content. Small, non-business-related websites often take the fast and easy route to high search engine rankings and risk waking up the next day to zero revenue. But, businesses, including law…