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Are you looking to create impact and foster loyalty with those in your community? As the newer generations of clients demand that businesses take a stand on issues, now is the perfect time to give back. Find all the answers here. Studies show social impact is where it's at. Today, people w[...]

There's a trend towards organizational agility, and Consultwebs is the first legal marketing agency to adopt Agile. Why does this matter for firms? And how do you know if your firm is Agile or not? (Take the FREE ANALYSIS at the end.) For firms investing in marketing, here are a few questions:  [...]

"Discover the recent changes in the Google 2021 - 2022 pay-per-click landscape and learn how the updates impact your law firm’s advertising campaigns." Did you know that statistics show that 76% of people who search for something near their location on a smartphone will visit a business within [...]

We'd like to show you some of the most memorable and striking advertisements within the legal industry during 2021. Many attorney advertisements are so good that we remember them and, most importantly, the attorney responsible for them.  Now, let's pop some popcorn and watch some of the best law[...]