Create Customer-centric & SEO-driven Content with Client Personas

The concept of buyer personas is crucial for all businesses and law firms. They are fictional characters, created by your firm to represent your ideal clients and they shed light on the general demographics, interests, and common behavioral traits your audience has. You can think of your personas as the map guiding you through your targeted content and consequently converting prospects into customers.

Recognizing the importance of customer personas in your digital marketing efforts is a big step forward.

It has become an essential part of the marketing strategy in recent years, and it is here to stay. Constructing content around a specific target audience can bring your firm a number of benefits such as:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of your ideal persona’s wants and needs.
  • Connecting with your audience on an emotional level.
  • Giving your law firm reference points of its buyer persona.
  • Improving your content strategy.
  • Increasing campaign efficiency.
  • Identifying who you should and shouldn’t target.

And perhaps the most critical benefit of customer personas is more leads.

Creating a buyer persona, or many personas, to better visualize who you want to reach out with your marketing efforts can help your law firm push the personalized aspect of your firm’s marketing. Personalization is important because it shows your firm would go the extra mile to give customers what they need and want. And customers appreciate this. Around 80% of users are more likely to use a service that provides a personalized experience.

Overall, personas are your firm’s North Star towards more calls and cases. If you’re wondering how buyer personas are the secret to your firm’s success, then read on. We’ll explain the buyer persona, how the buyer persona drives engagement, and how it pushes your SEO to exceed your expectations.

Is the buyer persona the same as the target audience?

Not quite. The buyer persona is a different concept than the target audience. It can be easy to interchange both terms, but your firm must note the differences.

A target audience gives you a general idea of a specific group of people and includes basic demographic information like age, gender, and education. On the other hand, buyer personas go more in-depth and touch on demographics and behavioral aspects. Some of the more in-depth information buyer personas include lifestyles, interests, specific needs, and psychographics. They even have names!

In addition to this, a buyer persona changes throughout the sales funnel. Potential customers looking for information have different wants and needs than a prospect that is ready to call and book your firm’s services. For this reason, law firms can have different personas. Here’s an example: Ready Ronald, who is prepared to take the big step and sign with your firm will not have the same needs as Cautious Carol, who is just starting to research what she might need from an attorney.

Having at least one standardized buyer persona helps shape your firm’s goals and expectations. It can help answer the question, “Does everyone in my firm have the same vision of our ideal customer?

To help answer this, you can begin crafting your ideal customer with the following buyer persona type of questions:

  • Job/Industry questions, i.e., What are the customer’s most significant challenges? How does their typical day look? What are some of their interests?
  • Learning questions, i.e., Where does the customer get their information? Who influences their decision-making?
  • Personal background questions, i.e., What are their personal and career goals? What are some of the customer’s pain points?
  • Shopping preferences questions, i.e., What pushes personas to pick one product or service over another? What’s their preferred form of communication?

While there are plenty more psychographic questions you can ask, these are just a few examples that can help your firm create a marketing strategy that will cater to your audience across the different stages of the customer journey.

Your key to creating fresh content

Buyer personas help in the creation of many elements within your firm’s content marketing, and the most crucial one is the customized content itself!

Personalized content helps your firm:

  • Identify your prospects’ pain points, i.e., bad customer service or late responses.
  • Understand customer habits – i.e., is the average persona impulsive, or do they take their time? How long does the persona usually take to make a decision?
  • Understand customer expectations – i.e., what do they expect from your firm in terms of service and results?

To gather this information, your firm can use two different methods: either directly asking clients or using existing customer analytics. The latter works best.

Evaluating your firm through analytics insights gives you more information about your client’s behavior and makes it easier for marketing and sales campaigns. For example, the analysis will help your firm identify and develop a messaging strategy that speaks to your persona.

You can analyze the existing data of your emails, advertisements, PPC, calls-to-action, social media, and other campaigns.

Your firm can then implement updated content strategies in:

  • Webinars: increases engagement and authority of your firm.
  • Interactive content: also increases engagement and builds on trust.
  • Emails: emphasizes your firm’s care and consistency.
  • Podcasts: increases and retains users in the learning and awareness phases of the sales funnel.
  • Videos: increases your firm’s traffic and gives users a push in their decision-making.
  • Social media: emphasizes consistency and engagement.

Using the buyer persona to increase your firm’s rankings

Although many SEO factors make up your firm’s successful marketing, the buyer persona helps tailor the content, so your ideal clients can find you.

The buyer persona gives your firm a push in your SEO strategy by:

  • Placing relevant keywords for your client’s research.
  • Identifying the pages that get more traffic.
  • Helping your SEO optimization, i.e., the SEO schema markup and SEO meta descriptions.
  • Optimizing the user experience with design, i.e., preferred colors, calls to action, navigation route, and other design elements.

Besides this, the buyer persona can help your blog posts. By adding a blog section with legal industry-related content, you can get more traffic to your site. It might be challenging to start or remain consistent with this type of content. However, the buyer persona can help you pinpoint topics of interest.

Be there for your clients at the right place and at the right time

With the buyer persona, you can position your firm to be in the right place at the right time for your clients. Creating a persona and keeping it optimized requires constant updates if you want to meet your clients where they are, though.

Strategizing a buyer persona plan, implementing it, and gathering all the results are necessary actions your firm needs to do to guarantee quality content and rankings. But we understand your time is valuable, and these tasks add pressure.

If you’re curious to know how your firm can implement buyer personas, talk to us today.