Author: Tanner Jones

Are you struggling to engage potential clients and increase conversions? Do you find that even the most thorough and well-written legal content isn't quite cutting it? If so, it's time to consider incorporating video into your branding strategy. There are tens of thousands of personal injury firm[...]

As firms are entrusted with lots of sensitive (and legal) information, cybersecurity is a must. Learn about the different types of cyberattacks and download a FREE cybersecurity protocol. The truth is cyberattacks can happen to any business and can be costly for those who aren't prepared. Researc[...]

Marketing without breaking the bank  Is your firm focusing its marketing to keep your days booked and busy? This is an excellent investment in order to secure your firm’s long-term success. However, to ensure your marketing dollars are well-spent, you must decide your budget before embarking on [...]