Author: Monica Tarantino

SMART Goal-Setting for your firm Research suggests that strategies do not gain alignment down the organizational chart because objectives are oftentimes not clear. Only an alarming 22% of employees feel their businesses' leaders have a clear direction for their organization. Less than half (41%) of[...]

Insight of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’d like to pay tribute to the women in the legal field. Did you know that the first female lawyer in the United States, Arabella Mansfield, wasn't allowed into the "boys club" until 1869? That was nearly 100 years after its founding!  Sinc[...]

Is your firm on ‘the yellow pages of the Internet? We're going to say it right off the bat - the legal sector faces some of the fiercest competition offline and online. According to ABA, 87% of respondents reported that their firm has a website, and the number will most likely keep on growing.  [...]