Author: Eric Welke

Is your firm on ‘the yellow pages of the Internet? We're going to say it right off the bat - the legal sector faces some of the fiercest competition offline and online. According to ABA, 87% of respondents reported that their firm has a website, and the number will most likely keep on growing.  [...]

Your firm’s online presence should start with a robust website that offers an illustration of who you are as a firm and helps you stand out from your competition. There are many critical components that make up a website, some important components your firm should keep in mind include: Usa[...]

We live in a digital age. Nowadays, most people turn to their friends, family, Facebook, and other platforms like Google to learn about something new. You may be wondering what that means for you and your law firm, and the truth is that, if you want to continue to grow your business, you need to be [...]