Your Law Firm Will Benefit From Google Authorship

Your Law Firm Will Benefit From Google Authorship

In your legal practice, you have several different roles: litigator, problem solver, small business owner, even grief counselor. Have you ever thought of yourself as an author?

Understanding Google Authorship

Google Authorship for law firms gives you the ability to identify yourself as the writer of Web content, as well as to boost your law firm’s marketing efforts and online presence. In today’s world, most people blog, contribute to online articles or operate Social Media profiles. Studies have projected the amount of digital information will grow exponentially by a factor of 44 from 2009 to 2020. In short, content creation dominates the Web. Google+ is a tremendously advantageous tool for sharing and tracking your content creation.

One of the many benefits of a Google+ profile is the Google Authorship capability; with Google Authorship, you can claim all the content you create – no matter where it is published. Google Authorship markup works by connecting the pages where your content is published back to your Google+ profile. Unless you are a webmaster, we recommend you hire an expert to ensure you have correctly utilized Google Authorship on your Internet properties.

Benefits of Google Authorship for Law Firms

Google Authorship provides three major benefits to digital content makers: personalization, collection and protection of content.

With Google Authorship, your content is shown in search results with individualized, rich snippets of text and a profile image.


Not only will users be able to easily identify your content by your Google+ profile photo, with Google Authorship they will have access to an online library of all of your Web contributions.


And last, but not least, a third benefit of Google Authorship markup is the protection of your content. Clearly identifying your Web-published content as your own, you prevent others from stealing your work. Your law firm works hard to protect its reputation; Google Authorship serves as a great partner to that end.

Using Google Authorship

While you may rely on the services of a professional webmaster to program the Google Authorship attribute into your Google+ profile and other Web properties, you can easily take these steps to boost your visibility:

  • Use a portrait on your Google+ profile. If there’s no photo, there will be no rich snippet of personalized text.
  • Verify your past content pieces. Review websites you have contributed to over the years and identify yourself as the author. Industry thought leaders speculate that Author Rank, an indicator of how influential your author profile is, will soon become part of Google’s ranking algorithm.
  • Remain active on Google+. Since Google charts your Web presence through your Google+ profile, make your mark by sharing your own content and commenting on the content of others.
  • Join relevant communities. A fantastic way to create opportunities to engage on Google+ is by intentionally building your circles and joining communities. For those interested in the legal marketing field, Law Firm Marketing is a great place to start.

Will you establish yourself as an expert voice in the legal industry? Google Authorship has paved the way for lawyers turned authors such as yourself to do just that. For assistance with launching your Google+ profile, and benefiting from Google Authorship, contact the legal marketing professionals at by emailing or calling 1-800-872-6590.