Google’s Penguin Update Is Positive For Many Business and Law Firm Rankings While Others Suffer

Google’s Penguin Update Is Positive For Many Business and Law Firm Rankings While Others Suffer

Our Director of Search Marketing, JR Oakes, wrote an excellent article last week entitled, “The Google Penguin Update and Your Law Firm’s Website.” The article has been widely read and circulated.

A similar article in the Wall Street Journal, “As Google Tweaks Searches, Some Get Lost in the Web“, got my attention for several reasons. One, the article pointed to paid and low quality links as the main culprits for the Penguin rankings’ drops. Second, some of the affected businesses experienced dramatic drops in their revenue as a result of the Penguin update. One business interviewed for the article stated that, “Traffic through Google has plunged by 96%.” The contributor expects his six-year-old business to generate sales of $25,000 this month, down from $68,000 in March, the month before the changes. “We’re completely crippled now,” he says.” Other business stated that their Web traffic is down 20 to 60 percent due to the Penguin update.

Two lessons can be learned from the article:

  1. Law firms should use ethical techniques such as developing high quality content that will encourage high quality, relevant incoming links.
  2.  Proper website marketing will bring in clients.

Law firms should team with an ethical, knowledgeable Web vendor or develop a strong in-house team to get their share of the business that is available from the Web and that some law firm will obtain.

Fortunately, law firms that have suffered rankings’ drops can recover by removing undesirable links, focusing on relevant legal content, leveraging their local and charitable affiliations, and developing sites with content that offers real value for their visitors.

We are pleased to announce that our clients were not affected. If your rankings dropped, you have questions or you would like assistance, please contact us at 800-872-6590 or