Grant Brott

grant brott

As Director of ROI Strategy, Grant is responsible for coordinating the overall digital marketing strategy for our clients. He works to ensure that all departments are on the same page and that we are constantly moving forward as one team in a constantly changing industry. This includes overseeing our Content Team and our Outreach Team, both of which are key when it comes to our strategies for our clients.

Grant lives in Rohnert Park, California. He has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and is a certified Digital Marketing Professional. He also holds certificates in HTML Web Development and Small Business Management. Grant is also a military veteran. “Right out of high school, I joined the Marines. By the time I got off active duty, I was a Sergeant leading a team,” he says. “This is where I picked up the habits of getting things done quickly and efficiently. It taught me much about working with and leading teams.”

Fittingly, one of his favorite quotes is by the entrepreneur and author, Gary Vaynerchuk: “When it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.” Grant seeks to apply the skills, discipline, and knowledge he has acquired in his role as the Director of ROI Strategy.

When asked why he started working for CW, he says, “Initially it was because I got to get paid for something I loved doing. Now it’s the people and culture that keep me going.” As for what sets CW apart from others, he says, “I see Consultwebs as being a boutique-style agency in how we cater to our clients so individually. Unlike many other companies, where one account manager may handle dozens if not hundreds of accounts, we cater to each specific client.”

Outside of work, Grant loves to spend time with his son. Some of their favorite activities include Legos, Nerf wars, and video games. He enjoys Marvel movies, cryptocurrency, and card collecting.