Daryl Williams, CPA

daryl williams

Daryl J. Williams oversees our invoicing, expenses and a wide range of other accounting matters as the Director of Finance of Consultwebs.

His financial activities include budgeting, cost accounting and accrual accounting implementation, overseeing accounts receivable and accounts payable, maintaining new clients and vendors, setting up and maintaining monthly renewals, handling bank and credit card reconciliations and conducting monthly and annual financial reporting.

“Consultwebs has helped enrich my accounting skills with our new and innovative ways to approach search engine optimization for attorneys. Keeping our clients happy is a task that belongs to every team member within Consultwebs. My role in this process is something that I value very much.”

“It’s great to work with the people of Consultwebs and to see the amazing service that we provide to our clients,” Daryl says.

A Charlotte native, Daryl earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting (with a minor in Sociology) from N.C. State University and remained in Raleigh after his graduation.

He ran an accounting department for more than seven years and audited and completed tax returns for companies for more than eight years before joining Consultwebs. He has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 2010.

In his free time, Daryl enjoys building websites using WordPress, dabbling in Social Media and selling domain names and watching and attending N.C. State games (as well as many other sporting events that can be found in North Carolina’s Triangle region). He also enjoys watching movies and “exciting” TV shows.