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estate planning law marketing - what estate planning firms need to know

What Estate Planning Firms Need to Know

Estate planning lawyers face fierce competition. The majority of firms now have an online presence, and with this digital extension of their business comes the responsibility of executing a strong digital marketing strategy. Why? The more carefully curated and well-kept your firm is online, the higher the likelihood of quality leads coming through your virtual door and turning into paying clients.

Estate planning law firms are no exception to this rule. Your potential clients are on the web right now, looking for a trustworthy estate planning firm to guide them through the steps they need to take to secure a future for their loved ones.

Furthermore, attorneys within the estate planning legal industry deal with major life decisions involving the emotional distress that conversations about money tend to cause. It takes a unique type of attorney to be able to balance out coaching clients through this emotional turmoil and simultaneously standing strong to advise and direct your client through the pressure. Your potential clients need to see that you are capable of clarifying what all of their options entail and defending their desires when it comes down to it. There is no better way to showcase these abilities than by giving them a taste through your digital presence, and maintaining it with a solid marketing plan.

We have a deep understanding of what you are facing. At Consultwebs, we have digital marketing experts who are solely focused on law firms on board, who have created sets of marketing strategies, that are focused on your specific practice area. With more than 20 years of experience, our company has been able to help lawyers in your field with a thorough results-driven marketing campaign. At Consultwebs, we understand that each law firm requires special care and attention. For this reason, the digital marketing strategy for your law firm is crafted to meet your firm’s vision and mission.


Why is Estate Planning Marketing Different?

Marketing for estate planning firms is different from marketing for other practice areas. Estate planning firms deal with tough subjects in a client’s personal and financial life, and seeing as conversations about money are never easy, your law firm needs to know how to attract this unique set of prospects.

To facilitate business matters further, your estate planning firm will require the assistance of marketing to boost your growth efforts. Some key components to keep in mind are:

Optimizing your GMB (Google My Business)

  • Your prospects are searching for you online and are likely doing so as we speak! The search queries they may use to find the legal support they need includes DUI lawyer, traffic offenses lawyer, a felony charge, etc. To ensure your firm pops up in the SERP despite the high competition for these keywords, you can optimize your Google My Business listing by including reviews, photos, contact information, etc. It all adds up in Google’s eyes, and every grain of sand helps boost your local traffic, quality leads, and rankings.

Marketing your points of difference

  • Factors such as quality content, availability, and info on areas of specialization, qualifications, a FAQs section, etc. should all be within your prospects’ reach. These elements are considered a given in today’s digital landscape and not having them readily available for searchers will likely be your main deterrent of online business.

Using social media platforms is vital

  • Social media implementation is growing across all industries, the legal one included. A few benefits social media platforms offer your law firm include:
  • A visual and content-based relationship with both clients and prospects
  • Lead generator
  • Showcase authenticity
  • Expertise
  • Trustworthiness

Acquiring online reviews builds on your firm’s credibility, ability, and overall reputation

  • Online reviews can give your law firm a competitive advantage. It is a modern take on word-of-mouth and it helps boost your digital presence’s level of perceived trustworthiness.
  • Even negative reviews and help position your firm in a flattering light. It’s all about how you respond to them: the more upfront, honest, and human your approach is, the more respectable you end up being in your searchers’ eyes.

Showcasing your criminal defense firm’s POD (point of difference)

  • Place an extra focus on the areas in which your law firm is different from the rest. By focusing on them, your firm will stand out from the crowd, and as an added bonus, it will help hyper-target the prospects you want to see coming through your door!
  • This could mean adding areas of specializations, where your firm practices, quality services, partnerships, the client service, etc.

Branding quality over quantity

  • Get specific while keeping in mind your firm’s overall vision and mission. Highly targeted marketing implies a heightened focus on quality over quantity, and this applies to all marketing areas.

The Consultwebs’ Approach to Estate Planning Law Marketing

Given the competition estate planning firms face, your firm will need to invest in a thorough marketing plan and budget to stay ahead. Clients are online looking for estate planning firms like yours, and without a marketing plan and budget, your firm may go unnoticed. To date, and according to ABA, less than half of law firms have a marketing budget. What this means for these law firms is, simply put, missed opportunities.

There is no need to fall victim to missing out on potential new business. Your firm requires a solid marketing plan that consists of multiple strategies that reach out to your target audience the way they want to be approached. At Consultwebs, we have garnered over two decades of experience and success with our renowned strategies. We keep up to date with the latest algorithm and platform updates and keep our clients’ strategies updated accordingly to ensure they are the first in the market to implement cutting-edge marketing approaches and smash the competition while we’re at it. With us by your side, your firm will have a complete overview of the costs and returns, as well as a continuously optimized plan of action that will work specifically for your firm. Together with our marketing experts, you can set your firm up for long-term success whilst maximizing your return on investment.

Each firm requires its own unique combination of marketing tactics. Here are the key marketing efforts that should be taken into consideration when building your firm’s own custom strategy to secure long-term success:

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, should be a ‘must’ in your digital marketing strategy. SEO is a long-term strategy your firm should implement, as it boosts your chances of landing on the first positions of Google’s first SERP, allowing for prospects to find your content before that of your competitors. (Think about it, when was the last time you went on to search for answers on the 3rd or 4th Google search results page?)

SEO can help you reach different users in the different stages of their user experience. Some of your clients might be ready to call your firm immediately, while others are searching for information related to their questions. It’s important your SEO strategy gives the client enough quality content to answer questions such as: “What happens if I die without a will?” Or “What to do as a beneficiary of x or y asset?” etc.

As powerful as SEO is in your marketing strategy, it involves the use and optimization of a myriad of elements. Examples cover a wide range within digital marketing but important components that boost your SEO include content, tags, keywords, on-site and off-site optimization, mobile-friendliness, and more.

Consultwebs takes pride in the Search Engine Optimizations results from our experienced specialists have driven for our clients and we would be happy to run you through the ins and outs of an SEO campaign over the phone. Still on the fence? We invite you to take a look at some of the things our valued partners have said about their time working with us here.

Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is a real-time marketing strategy, which requires close attention and updated knowledge on digital trends. In addition to necessitating continuous monitoring and toggling, a PPC campaign requires a clear structure with a keyword strategy, an understanding of the chosen metrics to measure success, additional budget, and time to analyze performance so that the right optimizations can be made.

At Consultwebs, we understand the do’s and don’ts for a successful PPC campaign. In order to see ROI coming through from PPC, you need a fully thought-out and stacked plan before even thinking about launching your ads; otherwise, it’s money wasted. Our team works with precision to ensure the leads coming to your bankruptcy firm are quality leads.

It is a tool that allows you to give your firm a face and personality by giving you the space to interact with your prospects, clients and even just onlookers. On the internet, your prospects will generally be spread out in terms of where they’re at in the buying process. It is important you manage to target the different stages so that they can all feel spoken to, no matter where they are!

In general terms, estate planning firm prospects are typically not pressed on time and have a little more time to do their research on their options than prospects that are looking for other legal services. This is something you can leverage to your advantage!. Knowing that they primarily seek reliability and trustworthiness in their firm of choice, and understanding that they will hence likely go back and forth between your site and your different social media platforms will help from the foundation of a solid marketing strategy, geared around meeting their needs and targeting where they will virtually be.

Additionally, social media gives your firm the creative space to elaborate on your firm’s personality and create content on relevant topics. Your content can be flexible enough to provide further information/assistance in areas such as:

  • The hiring process of an estate planning lawyer
  • Debt and death
  • Redistribution of wealth
  • Discussing estate planning with aging relatives

Managing social media platforms requires attention to detail, time, and quality content. By partnering with us, your social media channels can be managed by a team of legal marketing experts, who have a passion for social media and have a proven track record of results. Discover how you can start to grow your social media presence with us.

90% of users claim that videos are helpful in their buying decision process. And within the legal industry, specifically estate planning, the decision process commonly takes substantial amounts of time and consideration. In the midst of emotional turmoils, (at times) family feuds, financial feuds, death, incapacities, and other very stressful circumstances, prospects want and need a firm they feel they can rely on and that will confidently clear up any doubts or questions they might have. Money and death are some of the most difficult topics to talk about, so the more comfortable they are with you even before they pick up the phone to call, the better your chances of gaining new business.

So you’re set. You know that you do an outstanding job at representing your clients and the majority absolutely loved working with you. But how do you show that to your prospects? Oftentimes, they need constant reassurance that they can trust their family’s financial decisions with your firm. This is where videos come in. You can translate your prospect’s wishes from written legal language to friendly visuals. You can showcase your selling points and answer FAQs within estate planning. For example: “What is the role of a trust in estate planning?”

Video marketing is a world of its own, what with the knowledge needed to pick out the right background, make sure the lighting is just right, the scripts, the actors, memorizing lines, etc.  It can definitely be easier said than done, but the clever implementation of video in your strategy can supercharge your firm’s growth. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out alone. At Consultwebs, we have video marketing expertise, specifically for law firms like yours.

Although not many estate planning firms would consider having a podcast, the interest in podcasts is growing substantially and your prospects are most likely listening in as well. A podcast can position your firm as the expert in many estate planning topics your audience might be having a hard time understanding or coping with.

Remember, not every user is ready to place a call and chat about their financial troubles immediately. As a matter of fact, even if a user is ready to place a call, they will likely still take the time to scour your digital presence in all the channels you are on. By making sure your image is portrayed just the way you want it to be in all of the channels you have a profile on, you will be able to increase your chances of convincing your prospects to find their way down the sales funnel and to your door. Additional content through podcasting may give that “extra push” your prospects need to land on you as their final decision.

A successful website converts. This means that your firm’s website should consist of more than just an aesthetically pleasing design. At Consultwebs, we recognize there are many unique components that make a successful law firm website.

A few basic fundamentals within your design should include:

  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • Clear calls to action.
  • Services and contact pages.
  • Quick loading pages.

Visitors should get an overall feel of what they can expect if they work with you. At Consultwebs, we cover all the different elements your firm’s website needs in order to flourish.

An effective content marketing strategy is one in which your firm is able to step into your client’s shoes. Understanding their point of view and their personal wants and needs gives your entire content and digital marketing plan purpose. We can offer you FREE tips for your on-page optimizations.

Though we know you are an expert in the realm of bankruptcy law, it can be a hassle to sit down and write up multiple articles on these topics. Having to do research to back up the claims you make within the blog post is time-consuming and it can be frustrating! Our content writers and editors are led by a licensed attorney and are masters at crafting pages, blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and other valuable assets. Our team at Consultwebs would be more than happy to assist you in your content-creating endeavors. Find out how they can create content for you that converts.

Why Consultwebs is the Best Choice for Marketing an Estate Planning Law Firm

  • We do not skip steps to get the work done quickly. We tailor each digital marketing strategy accordingly.
  • We understand how bankruptcy law firms work and know what your clients are looking for. We not only help you reach clients, but we also help you retain them for the long run.
  • We have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for bankruptcy law firms. Our team has experts in the different fields of marketing: from SEO, PPC to web design, social media management, video advertising, etc., we’ve got it all. All of us come together and place our expertise and skills towards your firm’s success.
  • We are driven by data and return on investment. At Consultwebs, we measure success with the metrics that matter and make sure your marketing dollars are spent in the best way possible, no matter whether your strategy is focused on SEO, PPC, content marketing, or a combination of any of our services.
  • Our customer service is like no other. You deserve to have a team that responds in a timely manner. We answer  your calls, emails and give you regular updates. Ultimately, we are an extension of your firm, and we want you to feel that, too.
  • You own everything we do. All the work we do – web design, content, creative assets, podcasts, etc. – belongs to you. We are here to help you push your firm’s efforts, but ultimately our work is for your firm’s success.

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