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Client: Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Campaign: Ongoing Web Marketing

Before partnering with Consultwebs in 2007, Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. had no real Internet strategy. Now the firm is positioned very well to be found by potential clients on the web. This study looks at one particular case, that originated from a web search, in which the firm pursued justice for the client and created change.

Challenges & Goals

  • Develop strategy to achieve excellent visibility for the firm on the web by means of SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and other activities.
  • Help streamline the firm’s intake process to allow for rapid respond to inquiries
  • Equip the firm with a website that reflects its personality, professionalism and success for its clients
  • Generate a large number of potential client leads from the Internet

Measurable Results

  • The website,, generates nearly 300 leads per month for the firm, on average
  • Established systems allow for quick and seamless communication with web prospects
  • Record-setting wrongful death settlement
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Moving budget from TV to PPC brings efficiency, great results to law firm

Client: Former heavy TV advertiser Campaign: Pay-Per-Click

The management team at a law firm was spending heavily on TV advertising, and wanted to explore the potential of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign as an alternative for a portion of their marketing budget.  Consultwebs worked with the firm to develop a campaign.

Challenges & Goals

  • Bring in cases at less than the estimated $8,000 per case the firm incurred with TV.
  • Efficiently grow the firm’s caseload, while increasing visibility online through paid ads.

Measurable Results

  • The average cost per case for the campaign from January through May was $1,721.54 — Less than 25% of the cost-per-case from TV!
  • The PPC campaign, after some refining adjustments, had a cost-per-case of under $1,000 in the 5th month.
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Pay-Per-Click campaign yields significantly more leads while firm spends less

Client: Pay-Per-Click Client Campaign: Pay-Per-Click

A client of ours was running a Pay-Per-Click campaign through Google, and not getting great results.  After we began managing the campaign, and made some drastic changes, we lowered the client’s cost, increased conversions, and signed quality cases.

Challenges & Goals

  • Reduce cost per conversion
  • Improve campaign efficiency
  • Sign more cases

Measurable Results

  • Cost per conversion reduced by 57%
  • 43% increase in conversions
  • 36% reduction in overall expense
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