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06 Nov 2010

Law Firm Reputation Management

As part of the ABA’s // teaching on lawyer reputation management, experts stressed the importance of positive press being in the top results of Google searches. It was suggested by the ABA that to counter negative remarks and increase positive…

05 Nov 2010

What Should I Put On The Front Page Of My Law Firm Website?

There are so many things that you want the potential law firm client to know. You want them to know about your education, testimonials, lawyer and firm credentials, awards, practice areas, verdicts, your books, videos, blog posts, phone number, contact…

04 Nov 2010

Google Look Different? Learn About The Power of Place Search

A few days ago many a Google addict quickly noticed an unnerving change to their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). First you have to understand, Googlers don’t like change. We want quick, streamlined, consistent, informative results . . . period….

02 Nov 2010

Should Your Website Use A Shared Or Dedicated IP Address To Resolve Search Engine Rankings Concerns?

Many lawyers want high search engine rankings in order to receive cases for their law firms and are, understandably, concerned about whether to use a shared or dedicated IP address for their website hosting. Most hosting businesses offer a shared…