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06 Aug 2010

Are You Investing, or Just Spending?

Organic Optimization Vs Paying Per Click We often have clients ask us “Should we be doing pay per click advertising?” and I always tell them the same thing, “It depends” and it really does. It depends on your willingness to…

06 Aug 2010

What’s on the Mind of Legal Marketers Today? We Asked, They Answered.

Dale Tincher, CEO and Lisa Vaughn, President of, Inc., were interviewed by Ken Hardison, JD, of the PILMMA lawyer marketing association on the July 22, 2010 PILMMA “Ask The Experts” conference call. The lawyer marketing audio is available at…

06 Aug 2010

Maximizing Your PPC Visibility

The ability to turn a marketing campaign on and off at the click of a mouse makes PPC attractive and enticing. We have found that paid advertising works well for specific campaigns that demand immediate results. For example, when Toyota…

06 Aug 2010

A Changing Paradigm

Struggling to convince your lawyers to modernize your advertising campaign? Try some of these eye-openers… One in 8 consumers will cut their ties to cable and satellite TV in 2010. Facebook now surpasses Google in United States traffic on a…