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31 Aug 2010

Do Keyword Rich Domain Names Help Law Firm SEO And Conversions?

Many law firms experience unexpected partner or focus changes. The changes can be very expensive when branding, domain names, SEO, literature and other changes are encountered. A domain name with keywords in it can help. Law Firm domain names that have keywords in them will also improve SEO, traffic, conversions, branding and localization success. This article lists a key points that will save a firm considerable time and money by choosing effective main and satellite website domain names.

27 Aug 2010

TOP 10 Facts Your Law Firm Should Know

60% of consumers never open a yellow page directory; YP publishers, Idearc, formally Verizon Yellow Pages and R.H. Donnelley filed bankruptcy in 2009; Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI; Years to Reach 50 million Users:  Radio (38…

26 Aug 2010

Should A Law Firm Have Multiple Websites?

Should a firm invest in and build up their main website or supplement it with satellite sites? The answer depends on the firm’s campaign goals, resources and budget. Most firms are better off having only one site unless they are…

26 Aug 2010

Bring Your Design Into Focus

The main purpose of your site is to get more clients, period. When users load your site, you have about 3 seconds to win over your potential clients and convince them to contact your firm. SEO is an invaluable tool,…