How To Evaluate Law Firm Web Hosting Companies

When it comes to finding and evaluating the perfect law Web hosting company for your law firm, several factors come into play. Some law firm Web marketing and design companies (including us) offer and support dedicated, leased servers for their clients.

If you are selecting your Web server on your own, you should consider the following:

  • Stability Of The Vendor – Web hosting companies come and go. Some fail, and some are sold.  Make sure that your vendor is established, has a successful track record and is strong financially. It takes significant capital to provide adequate facilities, software and security systems. Call several of the vendor’s clients to ensure that the company is responsive and reliable;
  • Web Servers / Server Software – Many hosting businesses offer both Windows and Linux hosting. You should consider which operating system is right for your business. If your website is built on WordPress, for example, you should consider a Linux server over a Windows web server;
  • Support – Does the hosting company offer support 24/7? Does the company offer both e-mail and phone support?;
  • Backups – A good backup program is one of the most critical elements when it comes to your hosting company evaluation. If your hosting company does not offer an “off server” backup plan, you should move on to another company or make sure to keep your own backups in the event of a server hardware failure;
  • Disk space – If your site includes a lot of video or audio files, you should make sure you can store them on the Web server. Most hosting businesses allow you to go over your disk space limit for an additional fee;
  • Bandwidth – Although you probably do not have to worry about bandwidth limits, it is a good idea to factor that into your evaluation if you plan on streaming video or audio files;
  • Control Panel – A typical control panel allows you to organize your account. For example, it allows you to manage your e-mail accounts and set up auto responders for your e-mail. A more advanced Control Panel allows you to make DNS changes, set up backup options and create databases;
  • E-Mail Accounts – If you plan on hosting your e-mail accounts with the hosting company you are evaluating, you should look into what e-mail options they offer, what kind of e-mail servers they are using and whether they offer some kind of anti-spam filters and anti-spam options. An alternative solution is to register with Google Apps for your e-mail needs.

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