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According to a survey by Bankrate, almost 59% of the top economists predict a potential recession by July 2024. This is equal to a 3-in-5 chance of an economic drop. We are all aware that a recession can mean the following: 📉Job losses 📉Decrease in business growth 📉Decline stock m[...]

Cheye's opinion on GA4;s use for Lawyers

Marketing can often feel like an arduous task filled with guesswork. However, certain tools - like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and LawEval - are designed to demystify the process (at least in some ways), helping law firms make sense of the digital landscape. GA4 and LawEval are web analytics tools t[...]

How to Build a Strong Legal Network for Your Law Firm Discover actionable tips to help you build a solid legal network and grow your law firm. While legal knowledge and experience are undoubtedly critical to success in this field, networking can significantly impact a law firm's growth and susta[...]

According to Lisa Cron, from Wired for Story, "Stories allow us to simulate intense experiences without having to actually live through them. Stories allow us to experience the world before we actually have to experience it."   So, what's so great about stories? We'll tell you in 4 simple words[...]

Ever wonder what the common denominator is for all successful law firms? They're making the best use of marketing metrics.  In marketing, there are two sides to the coin. The first side is the planning and implementation of a marketing strategy. The other side is tracking and measuring the succe[...]