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law firm management and the cloud

Today on the show, we’re talking with the Chief Information Officer at Lexicon, Brad Paubel, about law firm management, cloud storage, and how culture is central to data security. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

taking law firm data security seriously

On the show today we’re talking about data collection, storage and security for law firms, with Senior Counsel for Privacy & Compliance at Spirion, Scott Giordano. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

sailing the seas of IP for law firms

On the show today we're simplifying complex IP, copyright and patent matters so you can protect your stuff and not get sued for using someone else’s stuff, with IP lawyer, and children’s book author Becki Lee. NEWS - GUEST -[...]

making good decisions in bad times

Today we’re talking about making good decisions in bad times with science, first with an article from Kabiri Consulting, and then we talk to decision scientist, Dr. Nika Kabiri! NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

data driven decision in the covid legal marketplace

Today on the show we’re talking about data driven decisions in the COVID 19 legal marketplace, first with LexisNexis Director of Strategy for Solos & Smalls, Parker Bedsole! NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

fireproof marketing advice for law firms

We’re talking about branding, marketing, and advertising for lawyers with an article from Consultwebs, and then we interview master legal marketer, attorney and author of ”Fireproof: A Five-Step Model to Take Your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable," Mike Morse. NEWS - https://l[...]

law firm management mastery

We're talking about leadership and management in law firms, first with an article from AboveTheLaw and then we talk to entrepreneur and coach, Kris Plachy, about how to improve your management systems, set expectations and goals with your law firm staff. NEWS - GUE[...]

law firm tech, ediscovery, and data privacy

We’re talking data security, privacy, and innovation in the law firm, first with an article from the JDL Group, and then we chat with Leigh Vickery from Level2Legal Solutions. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

6 steps to a million dollar law firm

On the show today we’re talking about visualization, success and million dollar mindsets, with lawyer/entrepreneur Wendy Witt, as we explore her "Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm". NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

taking your law firm from panic to profit

We talk about law firm development, management, and money metrics with Brooke Lively from Cathedral Capital. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]