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the mental health crisis in law

On the show today, we address the elephant in the room and talk about the mental health crisis in law with an article from - we talk to Precedent Magazine editor Daniel Fish and discuss a recent expose on mental health and lawyers. NEWS -[...]

lawyers and the gig economy

On the show today we talk about freelance lawyers, the gig economy, and find out why so many lawyers leave the profession from an article on The - We also interview founder and CEO Bob Meltzer about his legal work-sharing platform and how law firms can operate in the f[...]

outsourcing legal work

In this episode we talk about legal work and how law firms are defining their flows and getting the help they need. We also interview founder Andrea Cannavina and learn how her company helps lawyers and law firms outsource legal work. NEWS -[...]

managing the modern law firm

Managing a law firm can be difficult, but with the right tools and infrastructure in place, lawyers can take back control. In this episode we talk about what it takes to manage a legal practice, and interview lawyer, Legal Tech Evangelist and author Nicole Black from NEWS - https://w[...]

legal tech in a flat world

We interview legal professor, lawyer, author, and legal tech scholar Gillian Hadfield about globalization, tech innovation, and what lawyers can learn from her new book, “Rules for a Flat World.” NEWS - GUEST - https://www[...]

the introverted lawyer

In this episode we learn about personality theories and lawyers, find ways introverted lawyers can find success, and we speak with Brooklyn Law professor Heidi Brown about her new book, The Introverted Lawyer. NEWS - GU[...]

swipe 2 hire - finding legal work in 2018

In this episode we speak with Carly Steinbaum and learn about her job hunting app for lawyers, Denovo, and discuss the ways law grads and seasoned attorneys are looking for work in the age of Tinder. NEWS -[...]

digital marketing for lawyers

In this episode we speak with business leader, programmer and Consultwebs president Magnus Simonarson about how legal marketing has changed in the new millennium, what principles have remained the same and what has changed as well as what’s breaking over the horizon in the future. We also talk abo[...]

the renaissance lawyer

In this episode we talk about the latest legal tech innovations, interview in-house corporate lawyer, programmer and blogger Colin Levy, and unpack the multi-disciplinarian future of practicing law - what skills will you need to become indispensable in the law firm of tomorrow - how can you become ?[...]

true worth - charging for legal services

On the show today we hit the Hot Takes Buffet with an article from on how lawyers establish their rates, and we interview the True Worth Expert, Vanessa Ugatti, and find out how lawyers can charge what they’re really worth. NEWS -[...]