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solo - freelancing and the future of law

We talk about the changing landscape of legal services with an article from - we interview lawyer, podcaster and nerd impresario Mike Whelan about what being SOLO means for lawyers, now and in the future, and why lawyers have to start focusing on disrupting their own industry. NEWS [...]

flexible perceptions, stress, and success in law

In this show we find out why failing is a key component for success in a legal career, how to balance health and wealth, and how law school students can prepare for the law firm of the future. NEWS -[...]

leadership and law/life balance

We discuss Leader/Life balance with an article from Harvard Business Review, and interview entrepreneur, speaker, and leader of leaders Chris LoCurto about what balance looks like for leaders in the law firm of the future. NEWS -[...]

legal chatbots

In this episode we learn about chatbots and the legal industry as we review an article from Fordham Law, and interview lawyer, speaker, and legal tech innovator Patrick Palace about his own chatbot, “PatBot.” NEWS -[...]

buying legal; procurement and the changing legal market

Today we break into big law and legal procurement with an article from - we interview legal procurement guru Silvia Silverstein and learn how big companies are changing the way they approach legal services, and we also discuss the differences between marketing and advertising. NE[...]

online reputation management for lawyers

Handling your reputation online is the new PR - clients are in control of public perception of lawyers and word of mouth referrals are results from experience. How can you handle negative reviews online? How can you create a reviews and ratings fly-wheel into your process, and why you have to take c[...]

lawyers & love

On the show today we dig into a few articles from Above The Law and BCGSearch, we talk about love, law and life balance with Texas Trial Attorneys Taly and Mark Thiessen, we also take a short diversion into beer coozies and marketing, and we place our guests under questioning with 10 Questions we As[...]

the write stuff legal writing and law/life balance

In this episode we talk about legal writing fundamentals, learn why every lawyer is a professional writer, and discover the single biggest barrier to effective written advocacy. We also discuss Life/Law balance and learn about the clash between “working” and “living” in both Canada and the U[...]

does a good lawyer need a tv commercial?

In this very special episode of LAWsome we dive into TV Lawyers, advertising, Mr. Whipple, exploding eagles, and public perception of the legal profession. Lawyers want to grow their business, but, the concept of public perception of lawyers can get in the way of creating effective marketing and [...]