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26 Jul 2016

Google Rankbrain – Soon to be the World’s Greatest Semiotician

On October 26, 2015, Google announced that it had been utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence as part of the Hummingbird Algorithm. This subsystem algorithm known as Rankbrain was also revealed as the third most influential ranking factor in Google’s…

23 Jun 2015

Google’s Latest Changes May Place More Importance on Social Signals

What role does Social Media play in your law firm’s online marketing campaign? Social Media is a fantastic complement to your blog by driving more traffic to your website and touting your authority on topics pertinent to your practice areas….

15 Jan 2015

Why Your Law Firm Ranks #1 In Google and Still Gets No Leads

You finally secured that elusive #1 slot in Google, and yet the quality leads from your site are just trickling in. What gives? This phenomenon is more common than you might think, and it happens in almost all industries. However,…

29 Dec 2014

The One Big Mistake That Could Get Your Law Firm Penalized on Google (& How to Avoid It)

There have been numerous times when a business that was ranking well in local search suddenly drops from the search engine results page, nowhere to be found. One of the main reasons for this drop is that the business decided to…