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Tips to Boost Your Avvo Attorney Rating

Avvo is “the Web’s largest free expert-only question and answer forum and directory, where people get legal or health advice every 10 seconds.” From free answers straight from lawyers in real time to seeing peer and past client reviews, the Avvo site contains valuable consumer and professional[...]

Designing a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm

We all know that Facebook never stays the same, especially when it comes to design. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of the most recent changes (e.g.: the newest Timeline layout, discussed below). So, how do we create a great design for your law firm? One simple fact: to really create [...]

Still not convinced your law firm should cease advertising in the yellow pages, and legal directories? AT&T Seems To Be Convinced

Several months ago, I wrote an article for this blog entitled, “Looking For Ways To Waste Your Law Firm Budget Money? Print Yellow Pages Companies Are Still Signing Lawyers.” I listed reasons lawyers should look to advertising mediums other than yellow page directories and I listed some case stu[...]

An insider’s tips to increasing your caseload from the Web It is frightening when a law firm’s phones go silent. The overhead expenses continue while the firm’s attorneys realize too late that prospective clients are contacting another firm. The difference between the businesses at those tw[...]