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28 Jan 2016

Creative assets make law firm websites stand out from the competition


Innovative resources can lead to more traffic, authority, engagement and cases Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. – Ken Robinson What is your definition of creativity? Are you harnessing…

21 Jan 2016

How to Create a Great Landing Page for a Law Firm Website


In this day and age, businesses must treat their websites with the same care and attention as their storefront. For a law firm, a visit to your website is much like a visit to your lobby. After a potential client…

15 Jan 2016

What Makes a Super Lawyer Can Also Make a Super Website


As an attorney, you know that the legal marketplace is already crowded with competition. Every year, tens of thousands more budding lawyers graduate from law schools. In a single recent year, the American Bar Association reported that 46,000 people were…

08 Jan 2016

Educate Your Clients, or They May Turn Somewhere Else — Even Google!


In the world of plaintiff’s work, most, if not all, of our clients find themselves injured, harmed or grieving the loss of a loved one for the first time. They are nervous, worried, and clueless as to the legal process…

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