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Cheye's opinion on GA4;s use for Lawyers

Marketing can often feel like an arduous task filled with guesswork. However, certain tools - like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and LawEval - are designed to demystify the process (at least in some ways), helping law firms make sense of the digital landscape. GA4 and LawEval are web analytics tools t[...]

SMART Goal-Setting for your firm Research suggests that strategies do not gain alignment down the organizational chart because objectives are oftentimes not clear. Only an alarming 22% of employees feel their businesses' leaders have a clear direction for their organization. Less than half (41%) of[...]

Your firm’s online presence should start with a robust website that offers an illustration of who you are as a firm and helps you stand out from your competition. There are many critical components that make up a website, some important components your firm should keep in mind include: Usa[...]