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20 Oct 2016

5 Ways Attorneys Can Use Storytelling to Attract More Cases

With 1.3 million attorneys in the U.S. (that’s 1 for every 265 people!), the biggest challenge isn’t always faced in the courtroom, but rather in the marketing department. With hundreds of thousands of attorneys competing for the same clients, how…

06 Aug 2015

Making Video Work for Your Firm

How much do you stand to lose if you fail to communicate your message properly? Attorneys are constantly sending different messages to different audiences.  It may be sending a message to a potential client that your firm is the right fit for them.  At mediation, it’s important to…

14 Jul 2015

Refreshing the numbers: Growth of mobile usage infographic

It’s official. As predicted, mobile use has officially well-surpassed desktop use. (comSCORE) In 2012, we reported that there were about 321.7 million wireless connection subscriptions. By the end of 2014, that number had risen to 368.60 in the US. (Source)…

13 Oct 2014

7 Ways Law Firms Can Create Better Video

Creating outstanding educational attorney videos comes with practice. Below are seven ways law firms can start shooting better video today. 1. Who is your video for? Start by identifying who your videos are for. In other words, video allows you to target…