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23 Mar 2015

A Cheap Website Could Cost Your Firm Millions of Dollars

Lawyers know that there is value in hiring an experienced, successful lawyer for representation. Although an inexperienced, inexpensive lawyer with a small, unskilled staff and lack of resources may cost less initially, the long-term results could be disastrous. Web marketing…

12 Aug 2014

The Way We Were: A Look Back at Legal Marketing (Video)

From Hammurabi to Abraham Lincoln to Google, the history of legal marketing has been a fascinating development of trends and tools. has been proud to serve the community of law firms and legal marketers for a short part of…

22 Jan 2014

Use Your Blog To Support Your Local Search Efforts Through Community Involvement

In the legal profession, like any other, your blog is a powerful tool. If used properly and creatively, it can add great benefits to your local search efforts. The strategies listed below work extremely well in small to medium sized…

09 Apr 2013

Nine Things to Know about Florida’s New Lawyer Advertising Rules

The Florida Bar’s new lawyer advertising rules take effect on May 1. They will completely replace the state’s existing ad rules and even feature a new number scheme (Rules 4-7.11 to 7.23). According to the Supreme Court of Florida, the…