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05 Dec 2013

17 Ways to Increase Referrals for Your Law Firm

Referrals are the largest source of leads for most law firms. Recent studies show that the majority of people are more likely to do business with a company if they personally know someone who had a good experience with that…

13 Nov 2013

Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

Once your firm has signed with a client, keep in mind that they are good prospects for future legal needs. Keeping your clients coming back will not only increase your revenue, but it also will actually save your firm the…

11 Sep 2013

Kill Your Competitor With Kindness…Towards Your Clients

Recently in Harvard Business Review, Jim Farley, VP of Global Marketing & Sales for Ford Motors, pointed out: “Technology has changed the process of customer education… just consider how much a shopper can learn about a product (or brand) on…

22 Aug 2013

How Call Forwarding Call Centers and a Lack of Consistency Can Hurt Your Law Firm

Is your receptionist hurting your online local presence? What about your call forwarding service? And are call centers effective and safe for your law firm? Your law firm’s phone service does not just affect client relations and other off-line interactions….