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19 Oct 2016

Improve Your Intake Process While Tracking Leads

The intake process at a law firm can make or break a firm’s ability to sign a case. Often, problems with intake aren’t for lack of caring — it’s more a matter of unrefined processes. There is an old adage…

10 Sep 2015

Stop Treating Your Website Leads Like They’re Referrals

Ring.. ring…   ring… ring…   ring… Goodbye. Chalk up another lost client to your front desk. How seriously have you invested time and money into your intake department? Before you answer that, let’s step back a minute and consider the story…

16 Dec 2014

[PODCAST] Stephen Fairley on Turning Prospects into Paying Clients

Long time readers of Law Web Marketing will know we’ve discussed intake at length in past posts. Today, we have an extremely valuable addition to bring to the conversation. Stephen Fairley of The Rainmaker Institute, and Law Web Marketing contributor, was recently…

04 Dec 2014

Your Law Firm Doesn’t Have To Miss Another Call

Law firms that do not have an after-hour Intake call center lose tens of thousands of dollars each year. Business never stops. This is true no matter the industry. The fact that the office closes at 5pm should not affect…