Analyze, Improve, Adapt – Legal Marketing 1,2,3


Operating a marketing campaign is similar to operating a business. After completing your initial research and launch, there really is no point where you can “set it and forget it.” Oftentimes, you will find that there are many changes and improvements that will be needed throughout the life of your campaign in order to grow your business in an effective manner. At times, law firms will begin with a marketing plan and get stuck in a rut utilizing the same plan and fail to make the necessary changes along the way that could bring their firm success.

Whether you are handling your own marketing in-house or outsourcing your marketing, there often can be a disconnect when it comes to the data and results of campaigns and how it affects the firm. We need to learn how to analyze the data we get from our visitors, improve based on the data, then adapt in order to meet their needs to convert more visitors into cases.

1.) Analyze

If you are an attorney who focuses on Social Security disability or nursing home abuse, you may notice that your traffic is attracting a more mature audience. An attorney focusing on men’s divorce rights naturally attracts more males than females. By getting to know your traffic and visitors, you can tailor your content, images and overall feel of your website to better suit your visitors’ needs.

If you are an attorney for men’s rights, you would want to utilize images that would speak to their situation. If your demographic is much older, you would want to make sure your site design was very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You are able to collect audience-specific data such as this if you are analyzing and monitoring the campaigns you have running. Make the necessary adjustments along the way and test different image, message, or content options as you go to see what performs best.

2.) Improve

The next step to focus on is improving your intake process. After much research, analyzing and edits to your campaigns, you may have found the best way to attract visitors to your website and get them to either fill out a form or call you. However, once they contact you, if your response isn’t setup properly, you can lose potential clients. First impressions matter, and you only have a few seconds to create an impression of your law firm. Make the most of those few seconds by having a well-scripted welcome message for them.

3.) Adapt

You may be open 9am-5pm and have a staff member answering your phone, but what if you find out that the bulk of your calls come in between 5pm-9am when people are not in the office? As you get more data, you may find that it would be beneficial for you to either hire someone during off hours or perhaps work with a call center.

At times, clients cannot call and do not want to wait for an email response. In these cases, a live chat box is perfect for those visitors. You can get an outsourced team who will handle your live chat 24 hours a day so you can make the most of your website traffic and make sure no one goes unassisted.

Like a marketing campaign, a law firm cannot survive or grow if it does not adapt and improve itself over the years. By using your valuable data, and understanding what your clients need, you can transform your business into an efficient machine where you are able to help more people, waste less time and stay ahead of your competition.