How to Influence People to Read – and Click! – Your Law Firm PPC Ads

How to Influence People to Read – and Click! – Your Law Firm PPC Ads

A major part of optimizing your law firm’s pay-per-click (PPC) ads is to write your text in such a compelling way that searchers will click through to your website.

First off, it is important to note that Google must approve all AdWords text, so make sure you follow their Text Ad Guidelines!

How to optimize your PPC Ad Text:

PPC-Ads-2Always include a call to action. Your ads need to compel readers to click through. Using wording such as “call for a free consultation” or “find out if you have a case” can be a successful solution, since Google does not allow you to use the words “click here.”

Reflect target keywords in the ad copy. Having a connection between your target keywords and ad copy will improve your click-through rate and quality score.

Set and fulfill the searcher’s expectations. With your keywords tied to your ad copy, you also need to make sure your text sets the viewer up for exactly what your landing page offers. Custom PPC landing pages are a great way to continue funneling potential clients deeper into your website (See an example of PPC landing page). If your ad leads to your homepage, the user may not conveniently find the information they are seeking and may bounce off your site.

Use visualization words. Don’t just say, “Learn about mesothelioma causes.” Instead, spark their imagination with, “Watch our video to discover what causes mesothelioma.” Painting a picture of what your website offers will set you apart from other ads and improve your click-through rate.

Relay value with your words. People are drawn by things customized directly to them. Word your ads in such a way as to show the value that you offer; make your ads apply to others’ needs and desires, not yours.

For additional help, Google has a four-minute video covering three suggestions (be relevant, specific and include a call to action) for how to write an ad.

PPC is a great addition to your law firm’s online marketing campaign when set up and monitored correctly. At Consultwebs, our clients have especially benefited from PPC campaigns immediately following the launch of a new website, while the site is beginning to build organic rankings. For more information on how to properly create a PPC campaign, email us at or call (800) 872-6590.