Effective Paid Ad Design

Effective Paid Ad Design

In our daily Web-connected life, ads have become almost invisible to most users. We have been trained to ignore the paid ads that we see on sidebars, emails, and even ads placed directly in the content area of blogs or websites that we visit regularly. This is why it has become so important to place focused, creative thought into your ad design.

Branding Your Ad

In today’s Internet world, ads are more targeted toward the user based upon the sites they have already visited. Keeping your branding consistent throughout the ad cycle is one of the most important things to consider when placing an ad. The brand will create some recognition for the user, catching their eye and triggering the memory of their last visit to your website. Hopefully, they had a good experience during their previous visit.

Target Your Audience and Be Compelling With Your Message

Once your branding has achieved recognition, it is imperative that your ad stands out from the other ads on the page. Remind them of the positive user experience they had and the reason they should revisit your site to complete the transaction they had previously abandoned. This can be done with sharp colors or new opportunities that they just can’t miss out on. Create a sense of urgency so they don’t miss something they just have to know. Also, make sure you are targeting the type of user who is best-suited for conversion on your site.

Consistency is Very Important


Once you have a compelling design and message, make sure to keep both consistent on the landing page that they will be visiting. If the user who has taken the step to revisit your site arrives and notices a conflicting message than the one that initially compelled them click, the user will “bounce” off, resetting the entire relationship.

You do not have to adhere to a specific formula to be effective. But you do need to pay attention to what your users are seeking. Then, deliver a clear, creative and exciting design that is branded to your firm.

For more suggestions on how to design your online ads for conversions, contact Consultwebs’ team at 800-872-6590 or marketing@consultwebs.com.

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