2013 M&L Lawyer Marketing Conference Focuses on Marketing and ROI

2013 M&L Lawyer Marketing Conference Focuses on Marketing and ROI

Last week, members of the Consultwebs.com, Inc. Marketing Team joined lawyers from across the country in sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica to speak at the annual M&L Winter Conference. They were joined by other respected speakers from across the US including Casey Stalter from Thompson Flanagan, Mary Cary of New Media Legal Marketing, Linda Finkle of Incedo Group, and Tammy Kehe and Harlan Schillinger from Network Affiliates. Consultwebs.com, Inc. speakers were Dale Tincher, John Damron and Michael Joseph.

One of the major benefits of the M&L Conference is its inclusion of open discussion by law firm attendees. Fueled by topics including video marketing, diversifying your law firm’s practice and maximizing return on investment from online marketing initiatives, participants and presenters shared their knowledge and experience on a wide variety of subjects.

The M&L Legal Marketing and Management Conference, founded in 1992 by the founders of the Hughes & Coleman firm, fosters an environment of open participation by only accepting one attendee per direct market area. As such, there is a definite emphasis on shared learning.

“Coming together to share attendee experiences of what has and has not worked since the past meeting is an invaluable component of M&L conferences,” Dale Tincher, CEO of Consultwebs, says. “In this setting, people are more willing to share their knowledge and experience without fear that their competitors will steal their strategies.”

Consultwebs’ Marketing Team honed in on ROI at this year’s Winter M&L. “We have helped numerous law firms across the country calculate and understand their ROI, as well as other key performance indicators and we wanted to share that information with the M&L attendees,” said John Damron, Senior Legal Marketing Strategist.

You may view the rest of our photos of the event and the beautiful Jamaican scenery by visiting our photo gallery. We also welcome you to follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates from conferences as well as the latest tips and strategies for increasing your ROI. For example, search #MLConference within Twitter to discover the names of a few critical law firm apps to download to your iPhone or iPad, mentioned at this year’s M&L.

Speaking of iPads, congratulations to Patricia Meier and Melissa Graham for winning the free iPad and iPad Mini at M&L that were donated by Consultwebs.com, Inc.

To find out more about this and other beneficial legal marketing learning opportunities, reach out to Consultwebs by emailing marketing@consultwebs.com or give us a call at 800-872-6590.

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