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  • Blogs – Hip Or Hype – A discussion on whether an attorney should attempt a blog, markets where they work well and poorly, and the approach that should be taken.  This article was published in Internet Lawyer and Lawyers Weekly North Carolina, By Dale Tincher, June 14, 2005
  • Dale Tincher was published in articles in Lawyers Weekly North Carolina and the North Carolina Bar Association Law Practice Management Magazine in 2004.  The articles are available from Lawyers Weekly North Carolina and the NC Bar Association.
  • Make Sure Clients Can Find Your Website – Few law firms fully exploit the business potential of an effectively developed Web site. A dynamic Web site will bring in clients. An ineffective site will simply join the thousands of law firm sites that collect electronic dust on the Internet. By Dale Tincher, American Lawyer Media’s (ALM) Law.com Small Firm Business magazine, published October 24, 2004.
  • Respected Law Firms With Amateurish Web Sites – Why respected law firms publish amateurish Web sites  — and how they upgrade to a professional Web site.  By Dale Tincher, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, published June 9, 2003
  • Tips on Writing a Print and Web  Press Release – Tips for writing, submitting and publicizing print and Web press releases.  By Consultwebs.com, published January 10, 2002
  • Audio and Video on Law Firm Web Sites -A TechnoLawyer Community topic for a period included law firm Web sites.  Dale Tincher contributed an article that discussed audio and video as Web delivery  vehicles. The discussion covered video and audio are excellent ways to demonstrate innovation  and to communicate with consumers.  By Dale Tincher, published June 4, 2001.
  • Marketing Your Law Firm Web Site – The article discusses why a firm should market its Web site and covers the marketing implementation process and working with search engines and legal Web directories.  Tips on niche marketing, stepping through “doorways”, traditional promotion methods and evaluating results are provided. Authored by Dale Tincher and Wendy Leibowitz, February 2001.
  • How to Build A Web Presence In 50 Easy Steps (Humorous, But True)Originally “25 Easy Steps”, 23 Steps Added By Consultwebs.com, August 2000
  • Web Design tips for small law firms – Published by The North Carolina Bar Association, Small and Solo Firm Practice Tips Dale Tincher, June 2000
  • Technology for Tightwads: Law Office Essentials on a BudgetAmerican Bar Association, GP SOLO, Ross Kodner on networking; Dale Tincher on using the Internet; Tim Mellitz on time & billing; Sheryn Bruehl on case management; Jim Calloway on legal technology training; Bruce Dorner on mobile lawyering; and Dennis Kennedy on security, viruses, and backup, June 2000
  • Tips on Marketing a Law Firm Web Site – Originally published on the TechnoLawyer listserve. The article has been converted to a frequently updated Web site entitled PromoteWebs, Dale Tincher, Originally Published May 2000
  • Choosing a Consultant (When, and Why) – Published by American Lawyer Media, Law Technology News, Dale Tincher, March 2000
  • Web Site Reviews (Three Existing Web Sites Whose Owners Requested A Review) – Posted on the TechnoLawyer Discussion List – Dale Tincher, February 19, 2000
  • Should A Nursing Consultant Have A Web site? – Published in the Legal Med Ware Newsletter – Dale Tincher, February 2000
  • Letting the Pros Do it (Hiring a Web Designer to Build Your Website) – Published by NAELANEWS National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. – Dale Tincher, December 1999
  • Tackling Tech Training – Published by the NCBA Solo and Small and Small Practice Solution Tips – Dale Tincher and Wendy Leibowitz, 11/01/99
  • Internet Legal Research – Published By The TechnoLawyer Listserv - Dale Tincher, 9/25/98 (.pdf)
  • An ‘Intelligent’ Approach To E-mail – Published By The New York Law Journal, Dale Tincher, 6-15-98. A copy of this article may also be viewed at this location.
  • Squashing Spam – Originally Published By The Internet Lawyer, Dale Tincher, 5-15-98 Issue.  Updated by Consultwebs.com February 2001
  • Your Own Web Page – Why and How (Removed, Please Request A Copy if Desired) – Published By NC Bar Law Practice MGT Section, Dale Tincher, 5-98
  • Saving Time and Money With The Internet – Published By NC Academy Of Trial Lawyers, Dale Tincher, 3-98
  • NC Bar Association – Getting It There With Internet E-mail (Removed, Please Request A Copy if Desired) – Published By NC Lawyer’s Weekly, Dale Tincher, 6-96
  • Choosing Your Legal Integrator – Published By North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly, Dale Tincher
  • Dale’s articles on Web planning and design – Published on the Consultwebs.com Website, 6/99

You are welcome to link to these article or to reprint them in periodicals or on Web sites as long as the publishing source has approved the reprint, credit is given to Consultwebs.coms and our http://www.consultwebs.com link is included. Consultwebs.com is a Raleigh, North Carolina Web design, promotion and consulting firm. Please contact Dale Tincher (dtincher@consultwebs.com or 919-272-8052) for further information.

Dale has written numerous additional articles.  However, only articles that deal with current topics are listed.  If you have a specific topic in mind, you are welcome to write for information.  Dale’s articles have been published in a number of additional periodicals including The Daily Record (Omaha, NE), The Michigan State Bar Journal, Legal Minds, LawCommerce.com, Straits Lawyer (Singapore), The Lawyers PC and Cyberlaw Informer.

Other Web, Legal and General Writers and Articles

  • John Heckman – Legal Technology Articles by a Leading U.S. Legal Technologist
  • Jerry Lawson – Author and attorney Jerry Lawson, Internet Tools For Lawyers
  • Carol Schlein – Attorney, consultant, trainer and writer, Law Office Systems, Inc.
  • WendyTech – Articles and thoughts by respected legal journalist Wendy Leibowitz
  • How the Internet Came to Be – Vinton Cerf, as told to Bernard Aboba

Note: Consultwebs.com has written numerous articles on case management, time & billing, and general technology. The articles are not listed since products and technologies have changed. However, topical articles are available by request.

Dale Tincher is manager of the NetSmart, Inc., North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) Endorsed Technology Assistance Provider (TAP) Consultant program.

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